2face has nothing to offer Upcoming Artiste – Xhicute, fast rising artiste in interview with 360media

Xhicute in an Interview with 360media

Xhicute Interview with 360media

360media had an interview with Xhicute, a fast rising artiste and one of the Newest Kids in the Big industry in our studio and we had an interesting and interactive time with him.
He spoke about his life, influence, and the journey so far.
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Q1. We see the moves you make on music everytime. You are one of the finest talent when it comes to creativity in songwriting, music and a whole lot that pertains to entertainment. How do you do all that considering the limitations young underground artistes face?
A: Thanks for recognising me as a fine talent. First, i want to say, i don’t see being young and being underground as a limitation in my music. I work day and night like i have a big event coming up in America, even though i don’t. Hahaha. I try to put out the best like I’m already in the spotlight. I’ve chosen a style for myself even though i can do virtually all kinds of music and you’ll hear it when i drop my next song titled Komaro. I think, visualize, have a mindset , make moves and create contents like I’m already a big artiste because the difference between me and that big act out there is because i haven’t been noticed yet. And i believe life goes step by step. There’s always a point in the life of an artiste when nobody knows and appreciates your talent yet. I think I’m just at that point at the moment but just like others who have risen, I’ll rise too at the right time which is God’s given time.

Q2. Let’s talk about your early days, how you got influenced to start making your own music, and those who helped build your confidence to do music.
A: I was born in Ugbokolo, Benue State. That’s where music started. As a kid i had always composed songs and back in the days when the group Destiny Kids were reigning, a whole lot of kids wanted to be like them ofcourse. But mine was a different fire burning in me. There was no way a regular African Parent would let their kids do music at the point so i had to let it die. Fast forward to my early teenage days, i started listening to lots of Gospel Raps Courtesy of my brother Johnson. Atleast i had access to a phone then but all i did was write songs and imagine myself do music. When i finished my Secondary school i started giving it a trial. Started performing in few church programmes and i started to see that the response was good and ofcourse my family were very supportive seeing that it was part of me serving God. In 2014, Got into higher institution (Benue Polytechnic) , the fire increased, i got invited to join a gospel rap group which i eventually had an opportunity to become a leader. Started going for religious and non religious events, recording, composing and engaging in alot of activities on campus. At that point, i realized myself, dug out alot of talent and potentials i had and i saw that i was good to go. It helped build my confidence in myself. Since then it’s been ahead ahead for me.

Q3. Who were you listening to while growing up and who do you love to listen to now alot?
A: i was listening to alot of Eminem, Lilwayne, 2face, Nicki, then later when i started listening to Gospel Rap i was jamming to Lecrae, Da truth, Bouqui, Spokesman and a whole lot of good songs then. But now i don’t listen to songs for just entertainment anymore, i have key people i listen and love to learn from like Burna Boy, Davido, Koffee, Future, Take off, and lately i have mad love for Fela Kuti and indeed it influences my present style of music.

Q4. Everyday alot of people especially from your side Benue keeps complaining and ranting about 2face’s refusal to help any artiste from Benue, considering his influence and height in the industry. We would love to hear your views about that.
A: I love and respect 2face alot, ofcourse who doesn’t,? He remains a legend as long as his music journey, talent, content and consistency is concerned. It annoys me to see young talents in benue waiting for 2face to help them instead of working hard on themselves to get there also. 2Baba has nothing to offer upcoming artistes except his mentorship and fatherly advice. I basically think he lacks the marketing strategy and skills and he isn’t good in the music business and that’s while his music doesn’t really trend. We all listen to 2face because he has won our hearts time without numbers with his music, humility and maturity. He has built a name for himself that would never die, just like Fela. Just like JayZ still selling millions of records and other successful music veterans. 2face is not the only older artiste dropping good songs capable of being a hit but because he has won our hearts and we love him, it attract us to his music whenever he drops it but unfortunately he can’t offer anything asides mentorship to upcoming artistes. I think this is the same reason he lost his chances of going international. He was one of the early artistes who had collaborations with top American/ foreign artistes at that time so if he had that capacity he would have gone international a long time ago. I’ll advice underground artiste like me to learn just from his music and lifestyle and just forget about him helping anybody musically because he lacks such skills. I’m sorry if that came out but it’s an old truth we’ve all been blind to.

Q5: What has been your biggest challenge as an artiste?
A: Money. Money is my only challenge at the moment. I have good contents but i can’t afford big studios with big equipments, can’t afford to shoot videos, put them on TV, put my songs on different Radio stations, pay bloggers and marketers. Good producers are expensive and it takes me time to save up to afford such producers. Though my family assists me alot financially. People love my music and i know i do good music but my audience is small because i lack funds to push it to a larger audience. I believe your amount of audience matters alot as an artiste if you are talented.

Q6: Aside music, what do you do?
A: I’m a student of Benue State University, I’m into cryptocurrencies and forex trade, i make perfumes and I’m an entrepreneur. I do alot of businesses

Xhicute @TheCarnivalParty@360mediaNG

Xhicute Carnival Mood @360mediaNG

Q7: Tell us about any upcoming projects you have:
A: I’m dropping a single titled Komaro, its something nobody has ever heard before, it would blow your mind. I’m also working on my Ep titled “Son of a Lecturer” it would drop soonest
Q8: Who is that special lady in your life. I mean your girlfriend?
A: I’m too young to have a girlfriend. Hahaha. On a serious note, anything like that is a distraction at the moment. My focus right now is not to ejaculate. I wonna focus on My Music, my studies, God, my business and my loving family.
Q9: What is the saddest event you could remember?
A: I lost my Dad in my prime. It breaks my heart when I think about it. I can’t ask God. I just have to work harder because all I’ve ever had is my family. They’ve taken one away and i wouldn’t let another go. So i have to work hard to keep making them proud.
Q10: How do you get inspired to write your songs?
A: Alot about life inspires me. I’m a wide thinker and i research alot. I write across alot of topics; Love, betrayal, life as an African, money, fun, etc. I love to write and compose alot. It gives me joy.
Q11: Which big artiste would you like to collabo with and why?
A: Davido, Burna Boy, Zlantan Ibile. These guys are talented and they are hustlers. They are rich, yet they don’t sleep. I love such people. I don’t like dull vibes when it comes to making money and moves. I want to work with koffe also.
Q12: You performed at Glo Mega Music Tour in 2017. How was it like for you?
A: it was a big opportunity for me. My performance video was on Glo’s official Instagram Page and that’s God’s blessings for me.
Q13: Where do you see yourself in 5years?
A: In 5year, my music would already be on the lips of people worldwide. I would be so successful already, Thats a promise.
Q14: What is your advice to other underground artistes like you?
A: As an artiste, if you are talented then think outside the box. In your music, marketing and all. Talent is not just enough. Don’t wait for nobody. Make moves.
Q15: How can people find you on Social Media?

@Xhicute on Instagram, Xhicute on Facebook, @iam_xhicute on Twitter

Thank you so much Xhicute for you time. We wish you best of luck and wish to see you at the Top soon.

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