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About US

360media is an online media platform, which provides exclusive entertainment news content across the Nigeria. The website came online January 2019, but post updates waited until July 2019. Since then it has been doing well till it experienced a DDoS attack throughout September, causing a massive reduction of site traffic.

Although we update more on happenings from around Nigeria, we also give updates about foreign media contents, which includes, Top American music and news, songs that top the Billboard Chart and so on. Other countries whose updates are prominent on the platform includes, Ghana and South Africa, because their style of music plays alongside that on Nigeria in a great way.

At 360media, our aim is to keep the music lovers and entertainment folks abreast with information and development in all ramifications.

Our social media pages:
Twitter – @360mediaNigeria
Facebook – 360mediaNigeria
Instagram – @360mediaNigeria

For inquiries, requests and further information, you can contact:
+234 (814) 571-3474

Contact Address:
Beside DSTV/GOTV, High Level
Makurdi, 970221
Benue, Nigeria

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