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Dangerous - Meek Mill Feat. PnB Rock & Jeremih Free mp3 Download

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Meek Mill’s Legends of the Summer EP brings him back into the motions of writing mood music. The Philly martyr passes for a sympathetic lover when his angel comes-a-calling, even PnB seems to approve of this “contagious vibe.” Naturally it’s Jeremih who steals the show on “Dangerous.” As a classic case RnB thug, he was born to shine in his role. And though he was a “free man” while his compatriot served a 5-month bid, Jeremih knows the sentiment of waiting and longing after months of separation, you can hear it in his words: “When it’s nights like this, I really wanna be right here.”

Meek Mill, Jeremih & PnB Rock Plot The Quiet Storm On “Dangerous”
Waiting on the sidelines is invariably a “Dangerous” with life passing you by. Meek strides confidently into the arms of his new shorty, crossing his arms confidently as her ex-man blows up her phone. Meek is equal parts boastful and reserved on “Dangerous,” traits which have followed him throughout his career. “On nights like this” Meek pulls a switch, relaxing his spastic delivery, as if he were shy and afraid to make a false impression. Inevitably, Meek Mill is going through them changes, but I can’t help but give his return EP high marks. I’d say any concerns of ring rust are now a thing of the past. Enjoy!!!

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