Is FG’s Idea Of Ruga Settlement A Good Idea Or Bad One? – Here Are 10 Things You Should Know About It (READ HERE)

Is FG’s Idea Of Ruga Settlement A Good Idea Or Bad One? – Here Are 10 Things You Should Know About It

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President Buhari has finally made a move to end the Herdsmen crisis across Nigeria through a project called “Ruga Settlement Plan“.

This idea has caused controversies among Nigerians. While many took it as a welcome idea, some saw it as a step towards Fulanizing Nigeria.

Below Are 10 Things You Should Know About Federal Government’s Ruga Settlement Plan:-

  1. Ruga is a Hausa word for “cow settlement”

  2. Federal Government said the project is mean’t to reduce Farmers and Herdsmen fight

  3. Governors are meant to provide land in their state to Federal Ministry of Agriculture for the Ruga Settlement Project

  4. The Ruga Settlement will be strictly for cow farmers and anyone into animal farming

  5. Fulani herdsmen will only rear cows within the Ruga Settlement

  6. Moving cows in large numbers outside the Ruga Settlement will be become an offence punishable by law

  7. Federal Government will provide water, schools, market, good roads, electricity, hospitals, vet clinics, security and other amenities in the Ruga settlement

  8. State Governors are free to decide whether their states will be part of the Ruga Settlement project or not

  9. Ruga Settlement project is not for Fulani people alone

  10. Federal Government believes the Ruga Settlement plan will be beneficial to the nation at large.

Despite the promises of the Federal Government to Nigerians that this Ruga Settlement will help resolve Fulani Herdsmen killings across Nigeria, some Nigerians have kicked against it seriously.

Many Nigerians are afraid that the Ruga Settlement plan is a step towards Fulanizaion of Nigeria.

It is believed that, if Fulanis and their cows have a big settlement in each state, it will only make their movement strong.

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A Good or Bad Idea – What Are Your Thoughts On Federal Government’s Ruga Settlement Plan?

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