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A lot of Ads are seen online on “lose weight in 7 days” medications. Due to the lifestyle of a majority of people, a click on such a page is seen as a step in the right direction.

However such medications largely depend on factors such as body metabolism, body compositions and other factors that are unique to each individual. This article provides you with guidelines for losing weight and suppressing your appetite, which is a necessary factor to be put into consideration for effective weight loss and keeping it off for the long haul.

How to lose weight

Most of what we tend to eat are foods that are high in calories but low in nutrient. Such unhealthy choices directly affect our weight hence the need to suppress our appetite and embark on a weight loss program.

A lot of people have started on the path of losing weight but couldn’t muster enough courage to continue, mostly due to a lack of willpower. Below are ways of losing weight:
 Limit your intake of salt
When out shopping for groceries, take due notice of sodium levels on food labels. For cereals, products that have low sodium levels should be 140mg or less per serving.
 Take more caffeine
Starting your day with a cup of coffee plays a vital role in protecting your body cells from damage. If you are not big on drinking coffee you can drink tea which is also a natural diuretic. According to research, within a 24-hour interval, drinkers of green tea used up an additional 70 calories compared to that of placebo drinkers.
 Use a food journal
In the process of losing weight, accountability is very important. This aids you in making an improvement of what you eat on daily basis. According to a 2019 study published on Obesity, it takes an average of fewer than 15 minutes daily when done regularly. You can take track of what you have eaten by making use of apps like MyFitnessPal or just a simple notebook.

It is demonstrated in a good number of researches that people who are of the habit of logging while they are eating tend to lose weight and kept it off for the long haul.

 Eat more vegetables
Eating vegetables makes the process of losing weight easier and it’s known to have other health benefits. Veggies should be half the composition of your meals daily.

It should also be noted that weight loss can be effective only except in cases where your appetite is healthy, hence the need for the appetite to be suppressed.

How to suppress appetite

A phrase that has gotten numerous clicks on search engines is “how to suppress appetite?” Suppressing appetite also entails eating a sufficient amount of the right food thus reducing food cravings and hunger. It should be healthy and risk-free. There are varieties of ways of suppressing appetite; however the level of effectiveness varies. Claims have been made of the ability of appetite-suppressing pills in reducing appetite. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), these suppressing pills come with dangerous side effects.
Below are evidence-based natural methods of suppressing one’s appetite:
 A glass of water before any meal
Apart from the popular benefits of a steady intake of water, drinking a full glass of water before meal has been found to make an individual feel more satisfied and less hungry after eating.

Starting a meal with soup also plays the role of quenching the appetite. According to results from a 2007 research, a liquid starter before a meal has the effect of giving persons the full feeling.
 Reduce intake of starch and sugar
Excessive intake of starch and sugar directly leads to obesity. When you cut back your intake of starch and sugar, your hunger level reduces and so does your intake of calories. When this is done you start feeding off of stored fats for energy instead of starch and sugars, thus leading to weight loss.
 Manage your level of stress
When an individual is under constant stress, the hormone cortisol remains in the bloodstream for longer duration, leading to an increase in appetite. This form of hunger is different from physical hunger.

Numerous researches by various authors have created a link between binge eating, increased appetite and eating non-nutritious food to stress.
Regular sleep, yoga, meditation, taking regular walks outdoor and gardening are examples of methods of managing or tackling stress.
 Paying attention to what and where you eat
Mindful eating is a practice of paying the necessary attention to the food you eat. Besides taking the time to enjoy the food you eat this practice also helps in maintaining a wealthy weight. Due to the schedules and lives lead by most people, they tend to eat watching television or seating on their work desks.

According to research published in a journal, people who eat in the dark consumed 36 percent more. According to an article, mindfulness might reduce incidents of comfort eating and binge eating which influences obesity.


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Techniques for mindful eating include:
• Take serious consideration when choosing food: Go for foods that have high levels of nourishing nutrients.
• Eat without distractions: It is recommended that you eat with all appliances such as plastic phones, laptops, and television sets turned off.
 Eat fiber-rich foods
Fiber has a longer time in the body and doesn’t break down like other foods. Eating fiber-rich foods reduces the speed of digestion thus giving the feeling of fullness which potentially leads to weight loss.

According to research, fiber can be very effective in suppressing appetite. Examples of healthy high fiber foods include vegetables, beans, apples, whole grains, chia seeds, avocados, etc.
 Eat more proteins
Protein aids in reducing cravings for food, suppressing appetites and is very effective in satisfying hunger than carbohydrates. This is because proteins cause an increase in ghrelin, known as the hunger hormone and an increase peptide XY, cholecystokinin, GLP-1 referred to as satiety hormone. A research conducted on young adults has shown that the hormonal effects of having a high protein meal for breakfast can last for several hours.

It is recommended by the dietary guidelines for Americans that people eat the following high protein foods such as Greek yogurt, lean meat, soy products, eggs beans, and peas.



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